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Joakim Achren
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Gaming Angel Fellowship is an online learning community that helps people get into angel investing in gaming companies.

Angel investing — hunting for a unicorn — was previously available to only the wealthiest people. With the knowledge that we share on Gaming Angel Fellowship, everyone can learn angel investing in gaming startups for a chance to earn a return.

Get in early. Newly formed gaming studios are changing the world around us. Now you can get involved too.

Your Fast-Track to Mastering Gaming Angel Investments

Angel investing is the act of putting money into the earliest investment rounds of a private business to get back more money than you put it — much more than you can return in a safer, more established investment vehicle.

The businesses that angels invest in are typically less than three years old, have little or no "traction," and are trying to find something called product/market fit. If these businesses didn't look completely crazy, everyone would want to invest in them, and there would be no need for angels. In fact, the term angel is used because we are the investors who come to a founder's rescue in their hour of need when nobody else believes in them.
In Gaming Angel Fellowship, you'll learn how to angel invest in early-stage gaming companies, what you need to know about evaluating companies for an investment, and what it takes to do the deal.

"Joakim managed to create an interesting course on Angel Investment, where the lessons follow a good flow. Because each module is cut up into bite-sized lessons, it’s easy to fit this course into any busy schedule. The explanations of the various aspects of the topic are easy to follow, even for someone without any previous knowledge or experience on the topic."

"Personally, I have long postponed learning about angel investment because I assumed you would need advanced knowledge of business economics. It was reassuring to learn the threshold is not that high at all. The course explains how, without a background in finance, you can still be a successful angel."

"I think this course can truly arm potential angel investors with the tools and confidence they are looking for."

Martine Spaans
Owner, Tamalaki
Business Development,

"Joakim's Elite Game Developers site is my go-to reference for the commercial side of the games business so signing up for the Gaming Angel Fellowship course was an easy decision. His straightforward and actionable wisdom really helped me understand how to approach investments and brought confidence to a part of the business that is too often clouded in mystery. My role and value as an investor became much clearer even with investments as low as $10,000."

"The course is as valuable to those building businesses as it is to those looking to invest. A shared understanding of the dynamic between young business and angel investor is a great foundation for any partnership."

David Amor
Games Industry Executive

What will you learn?

Here is what you get when you sign up for the annual membership.

1) Discover the benefits of angel investing

2) Learn the skills to pick the best startups to invest in

3) Build an investment portfolio to improve your odds

4) Collaborate and share in a members-only Slack community of likeminded people

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  • Several hours of video lectures on how to invest in gaming companies + access to membership community on Slack.

  • Module 1: What is angel investing?
    Video lecture
  • Module 2: What do you need to be an Angel?
    Video lecture
  • Module 3: Pitch meetings
    Video lecture
  • Module 4: Evaluating a startup
    Video lecture
  • Module 5: Making an investment decision
    Video lecture
  • Module 6: Portfolio construction
    Video lecture
  • Module 7: Working with the companies
    Video lecture
  • Module 8: Angel syndicates
    Video lecture
  • Module 9: Joakim's angel cases
    Video lecture
  • Module 10: Developing your angel skills
    Video lecture
  • Angel Interviews & Bonus Videos
  • Several hours of video lectures on how to invest in gaming companies + access to membership community on Slack.
  • Module 1: What is angel investing?Video lecture
  • Module 2: What do you need to be an Angel?Video lecture
  • Module 3: Pitch meetingsVideo lecture
  • Module 4: Evaluating a startupVideo lecture
  • Module 5: Making an investment decisionVideo lecture
  • Module 6: Portfolio constructionVideo lecture
  • Module 7: Working with the companiesVideo lecture
  • Module 8: Angel syndicatesVideo lecture
  • Module 9: Joakim's angel casesVideo lecture
  • Module 10: Developing your angel skillsVideo lecture
  • Angel Interviews & Bonus VideosVideo


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